Variety Management
& Plant Propagation




The Biogold Group is in and of itself an international group of companies specialising in the management and commercialisation of new cultivars – focussed on citrus and sub-tropical fruit products. The Biogold Group offers a one-stop platform for innovators in horticultural research and development to enable the establishment of new cultivars globally. Relying on its peerless global presence and experience, more than 130 cultivars have been entrusted to the Group for commercialisation.

As part of the Biogold Group, South-Africa based Citrogold has licensed over 10,000 hectares of plantings of new cultivars in Southern Africa (oranges, lemons, mandarins, and grapefruit, pomegranate, mango, macadamia and Passiflora) over the last 15 years, thereby contributing significantly to the competitiveness of the South African citrus and sub-tropical industries.


The ANB Group has established a flagship hub of plant technology and production in the province of Limpopo, at Letsitele.
Three key businesses are located within this hub, including:

Du Roi Nursery, established in 1989, is the country’s leading producer of quality certified citrus trees in bio-secure growing structures for greening and blackspot free trees. All commercially recommended citrus varieties and rootstocks are propagated from certified plant material sourced from the Citrus Foundation Block in the Eastern Cape Province.

Du Roi Laboratory, established in 1994, specialises in the production and distribution of elite selections and disease-free tissue culture plants, with a focus on the banana and sugarcane industries. Du Roi Laboratory produces over six million banana plants annually for sale to the Southern African market. 

Du Roi Multiplant, established in 1998, is equipped with specialised facilities, such as individualised climate-controlled growth rooms, that allows it to cultivate multiple types of plants simultaneously. Du Roi Multiplant possesses the technology and experience to propagate guava, pomegranate, granadilla, dragon fruit, kiwi, bamboo and medicinal plants, as well as macadamia and casuarina trees.

The Cederberg Tree Nursery in Citrusdal was obtained by the Group in 2014 and has since experienced extreme growth due to the high demand for black spot free, greening free trees in the Western Cape as a complement to Du Roi Nursery’s operations in the Limpopo Province.

Du Roi Halls Avo Nursery was established in 2017 as a result of a dynamic collaboration and combination of expertise between Halls (a sub-tropical fresh produce business with global reach) and Du Roi Nursery, in response to the shortfall of quality avocado trees created by the current and projected growth trajectory of the region’s avocado industry. The nursery produces superior clonal avocado plant material, driven by a pioneering and innovative approach, paired with extensive experience and passion. It serves local agricultural enterprises as well as growers across South African borders, enabling a cutting-edge industry.