Marketing and Branding

Fruit branding – the game changer




The growth of the Group’s marketing and branding company, Fruitalyst, and the scope and success of the brands it manages have by far surpassed the initial dream of establishing the ClemenGold® mandarin brand based on the introduction of the very special Nadorcott variety in the early 2000s – even though it was impressively progressive by all standards at that time. In recent years the company has extensively moved beyond the confines of South African borders and spread its wings to become a truly global company with sought-after brands that have secured a place on the world stage of fresh produce marketing.


Fruitalyst is in the business of elevating fruit along the full fruit value chain, lifting it from mere commodities, dependent on usual market forces of supply and demand, to brands preferred by retailers and asked for by name by consumers. It connects quality products from Group and partner growers with selected global customers supported by creative marketing campaigns to entice the consumer.


The main brands in Fruitalyst’s portfolio: