Corporate Social Investment

Wellness programme

The Wellness programme is an exciting project for employees – it allows them cultural expression through various activities, including sport, song and dance programmes. Staff members are also encouraged to write and perform poetry and drama sketches, which provide them with the platform to express their cultural identities.

The ANB Group is proud of running a very successful HIV campaign, involving 118 communities in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces,with the help of CHoiCe Trust. HIV is a health threat that affects some of our workers and is an important consideration when farming in South Africa. CHoiCe Trust is contracted to conduct research amongst our workers to give management a better understanding of the general wellbeing of our people.

Wellness days

The Du Roi and Indigo companies host annual wellness days to promote healthy living amongst employees. These events are popular and a wellness day typically centres around sport and culture.

The CHoiCe Trust supports this initiative by conducting free HIV, blood pressure and diabetes testing and counselling on these days.

Aerials up programme

Indigo has initiated a youth programme to help its local communities. This project takes children from the areas surrounding our farms on adventure camps. Activities are structured to support team building, leadership development, time management skills, conflict resolution and problem solving. Groups of thirty children participate at a time.


The Du Roi companies have crèches on the properties to look after pre-school children during the day while their parents are at work. This service is a great help for parents, knowing that their children are safe and prepared for schooling.

Staff training

Staff members are able to receive continuous training through ABET literacy programmes. This includes five different levels in English communication and IEB set exams.

Other on-site training and mentorship initiatives also help our staff members to improve their skills continuously.

Community development and support

We encourage all our employees to participate in the annual Mandela Day call to action and to dedicate 67 minutes to vulnerable and orphaned children in the area.

The Kurisanani Trust provides a holistic and compassionate response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the Tzaneen area.The ANB Group supports the Kurisanani trust with annual financial donations.

Stay healthy and happy!

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