Cultivar and Intellectual Property Management


The company was originally known as Citrospan, focusing only on novel citrus. Six years later, the product scope was increased to all citrus varieties and in 2005 it expanded again to include all horticultural products. The following year, Plantbio (now TIA) invested in CitroGold, allowing the company to expand capacity to deal with plant breeder rights and other horticultural intellectual property.

CitroGold specialises in intellectual property that increases negotiating strength, competitiveness and profitability, and the position of horticultural growers.

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BioGold International is a group of intellectual property management companies specialising in horticultural products and the horticulture sector across the globe. BioGold offers a one-stop platform for innovators in horticultural research and its development sectors, especially with regard to the commercialisation of new products.

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